No, we are not humbugs, nor miserable human beings. In fact, we LOVE Christmas. We just really don’t like the big guy in red (or lying to our children). Check out the above video to find out why we began a rebellion against lying and why we don’t do Santa Claus in our house.

St. Nicholas Day (or Feast of St. Nicholas)


Did you know that there is an actual day to celebrate St. Nicholas? December 6th! In  Germany (and many other nations) celebrate the Saint Nicholas of Myra who was an early Christian Bishop.
In Germany, we all put our boots and shoes outside to be filled with oranges, nuts, apples, and chocolates. Which reminds me, this year we are spending Christmas in Canada so I’m going to miss my mother-in-laws amazing “Nikolaus” bag of goodies she gives to us.

What a pity.

Continuing with St. Nicholas…
This man was incredible and known for his generosity. Though very little is actually known about him, his life and remembrance are surrounded by fantastic legends of miracles he did. He is a father of our Christian faith, and even attended the Council of Nicea!


Besides the couple of legends I mentioned in the video, he is possibly most well known for his gift of a dowry for three impoverished sisters. Today, we read  Story of the World Vol. 2 book that Nicholas actually threw bags of gold coin down the impoverished family’s chimney. Perhaps that’s where the whole tale of Santa going down the chimney comes from?


Do You Do Santa?


 Share below whether you “do” Santa. Why or why not?  I’d love to know!




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