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Are you like me and want to stay home and be with your family as much as you can, but you want to earn a bit of extra money on the side? Or perhaps you want to start a whole business right from home?


Today I just saw that my long loved Ultimate Bundles has the Work at Home Super Bundle on sale! This year I purchased a Genius Blogger Bundle from them, which was amazing.


I love bundles! It’s like going to a restaurant and getting a whole bunch of appetizers. Oh so many flavours, and satisfying! Ok… maybe that’s a weird comparison..


There is all sorts of stuff in this bundle from starting your Etsy business, to how to develop and grow your own business, to work and life balance, to legal and accounting.






Work At Home  |  Money Making Ideas


Here are just a few examples of the money making ideas:




  • Becoming a Virtual Assistant
  • Freelancing with writing
  • Design Freelancer
  • Cake Baking
  • and more.






If you had $1000 extra a month

what would you do with it?

I think I probably would invest it somehow. But I’m still learning about that, so I’m not sure what I’d exactly invest it in.

Any tips for me? Comment below!






Homeless for Christmas

Homeless for Christmas

As “I’ll be home for Christmas” is being played on the radio for the umpteenth time this December, most of us will not think twice about this - of course we’ll be home for Christmas! Meal planning, gift wrapping, church service - so much to take care of, so naturally...

How to Use Essential Oils for Headaches

How to Use Essential Oils for Headaches

Chances are you've had a headache. After living in Germany for over a decade I've become very reserved about using pain relievers. I would rather address the natural signs my body is giving me than cover them up with drugs. For a headache I tend to rather resort to...

Free Christmas Printable Jesus Art

Free Christmas Printable Jesus Art

Free Christmas Printable Art    Free Printable Christmas Art That's About JesusAvailable when you subscribe to Life Lived Intentionally My sister is a wonderful woman, and I'm so glad we have a great relationship now. She has graciously made us some free...

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