Isn’t it funny how at the end of the day, when we actually have TIME to do the things we want to do, we can’t? I know that I am sometimes on the verge of mental mush. After a long day of making a million choices, cleaning up the umpteenth mess, and piling the dishes in the dishwasher, all I normally want to do is lay and veg out on the couch . But since I stopped watching Netflix as a way to relax quickly, I wanted to figure out what else I could do instead.


I’m an intense person, my sister likes to say, and she suggested that my original 13 Things You Can Do Instead of Netlix list was a little daunting. Thanks to her suggestion, and some tips from normal people like her, we created a simplified Quick Relax list.


The benefit to having a list is that when you’re tempted to just go back to old habits, you have a WHOLE bunch of ideas of what you can do instead. I’ve said before, I’m not against watching TV or movies, but I think that we tend to default to it as our only method of relaxation. The problem is, it’s not all that relaxing, and most of us (unless you are wonderfully disciplined) end up binge watching a whole season of _______ before passing out. Let’s see what other options there are…


The Quick Relax List


1.Listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and drink a glass of wine with nice lighting . Just listen.

2. Not into wine? Alley from The Sober Alley has a list of 8 Soothing Ways to Relax Booze Free.


3. Think of someone who you know would really appreciate a handwritten note, or a classic snail mail letter to. You are going to make their day. I promise you. And if you’re looking for some cute stationary, check out my freebie.



4. Sit outside under the stars and just behold. Fantastic, isn’t it?
Curious about what the constellations are called? Last year I used the Memrise App to memorize a bunch of them so I could recognize them when I looked into the sky.


Stargazing to Relax



5.Make a fire outside and maybe make some s’mores or hot dogs.


6. Make a bucket list of places to go.

Travel Bucket List



7. Make paper airplanes and see how far you can throw them from your couch.



8. Take a relaxing bath or a long shower.




9. Make a stencil and use it with watercolor.


10. Give yourself a mini spa evening with one of these easy home made treatments.


personal spa recipes


11. Try making some Origami Flowers.

12. Or a Jumping Origami Frog.


13. You know all those egg cartons you have. Try using them for something
like art.


14. Or make a bird feeder.


15. Upcycle your old jeans into something cuddly.

16. Make yourself that comfy pair of slipper boots you’ve always wanted.


17. Find a piece of wood and paint a bird on it.


18. If it’s the middle of the day, turn off your phone and computer and just nap! Set a 20 minute timer, and let the refreshment wash over you.



With the Kids


19. Start a garden! By yourself, or with your kids. This may not seem the easiest at the beginning… but I assure you, working with dirt is SUPER relaxing! I love it.  The Chickadee Nest has a nice post on her experience with her kids.



20. Go Hiking. Again, alone or with the kids. This is my husband’s favourite activity. Happy Simple Mom has a post on hiking with kids (without the whining).


classic prayers

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