This afternoon, I spent some time with my oldest chatting about fun. Since I think we all struggle a bit with how to have fun, or we don’t actually know what relaxes us I thought I would talk to an expert in the area. Kids just know how to have fun better than us adults.

A Fun and Candid Interview

We had a lot of fun doing it together. Since I have four kids, I don’t often have much one on one time for them. This was such a great one on one opportunity. He loved it, I loved it.

Intentionality With Kids (especially if you have more than one)

Do you have any kiddos running around, or hanging on your legs? I have four.
It gets loud, busy, and messy in this house.

Sometimes it’s hard to be intentional with our kids. Appointments, meals, messes, and work get in the way. Life just kind of sneaks up on all of us.

One Fun Way to Spend Time with your Child

Wouldn’t it be fun if you sat down and did a mutual interview together? Just an idea.
If you want, find time and sit down in front of a camera or phone and have a laugh asking each other questions.

My kids love to record themselves and watch it after.

Think of some questions to get to know them as a person better and then let them do the same for you.


1 Fun Way to Spend Intentional Time with Your Kids

Here are some examples:

Who is your favourite super hero?

What is the most fun to you?

What was the funniest part of the last book you read?

What do you want to do when you get older?


Post it to and share if you’d like.

I’d love to meet you too!


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