Fighting for Slow Living during the Holidays


You may hear a bit of frustration in this post as I share a few of my shocking discoveries being back in Canada. And no, it’s not at all about how horrible Canadian drivers are (if you’re Canadian, I probably don’t mean you). I mean the ones who fingered me when I tried to use the “zipper” merge politely . I admit, I did yell out the the window, “The wasn’t very nice!” to the guy ahead of me in the pickup while my mom frantically told me not to aggravate him. Lesson #1 Zippers work much better in Germany. In Canada it seems everyone drives like they’re king of the planet. No, my little rant above is not about driving. It’s about giant stores and beautiful, shiny things that I want to buy and Black Friday sales that begin in September (…maybe that’s an exaggeration). Frankly, in Europe I do slow living a lot better. I feel more content, and I’m totally fine not going to the store on Sunday.


 Instant Gratification Culture


 Oh Canada. Why have we created a fast food culture where everyone is their own king, and life is supposed to function at a rapid, exhausting pace? 


“The customer is always rights” doesn’t mean that our every desire needs to be catered to, nor does it mean that it should be instantly gratified.


If you’re just skimming on through and haven’t watched the video yet, here is a breakdown of the above six minute video:



The most amazing gift I think Germany has given it’s citizens. And that I’d challenge America and Canada to reclaim.


Is it possible to NOT buy something one day out of the week?


Can a business still thrive if it closes one day out of the week?


How this culture causes us to fail with self-control

Because I can’t bash Canada the whole time, I have to share that the weather has been particularly amazing so far! I’m from the Pacific Northwest, aka: Lots of Rain Area and we have enjoyed so much blue sky and sun which is odd for November.


 Questions to Help us Contemplate Slow Living.

So I’m left with these questions… which I’d love to hear your responses to!

How do you practice self-control in an instant culture?
Or how do you restrict your buying?

Is it even a thought for you? Or do you get caught up in the frenzy of beautiful things and awesome sales?

Don’t feel bad if you do! Because it’s so freaking easy to buy things in a culture that is so tempting.

I’m just really wondering how we can impact a culture drowning in stuff, that feels good and so easy to get? 
How can we make more space for God- In the midst of all the noise and shiny things?
So please think and pray along with me!

classic prayers

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