In the video below you’ll find one great tool that I use to destroy lies, fear and condemnation using biblical truths. If you have ever struggled with any of these things, I really encourage you to watch it and try it out!

Sneaky Little Lies

Today I was thinking about a common problem I think many of us have.






No one consciously says, “Yeah, I know it’s not true, but I’m just going to believe that I’m crap.”
“I’m going to be afraid now because it feels so good.”

No. That’s nonesense.


Destroy Lies Fear Condemnation with Biblical Truth



They sneak in so ninja like that we don’t even realize they are there.

But beneath our daily humdrum of life, these lies and fears poke their ugly heads up.

Perhaps it’s when you look at yourself in the mirror and nasty words flash through your head.

Or maybe it’s taking a different route to the store, and the panic sets in.

Perhaps it’s when you tell your child, “No, I can’t take you to the park today.”


I find in my life almost anything can trigger an emotional response, but many times these responses are unwarranted. They very often come from a deep buried lie, or fear.

Using Biblical Truths to Destroy Lies, Fear, and Condemnation.


That’s why I want to tell you that YOU CAN destroy these lies, fears and condemnation. Check out the video below, try it out, and tell me about it.



Truth Bomb Verses – Your Free Gift


I created a couple of desktop wallpapers, some postcards, and A4 sized TRUTH BOMB Verses.

Maybe they are just what you need today? I hope that they can help you in your pursuit of destruction!

Get them here.

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What Next?

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Don’t let life with it’s lies, and fear live you. You will find another free great resource to help you ask thoughtful questions in order to regain control.


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