An Evening of Reading through the Greatest story, ever.

So there we were, a small classroom full of missionaries, overcome by an utter sense of awe. My eyes were tearing up, and all I could do was pray in my very feeble words my overwhelming gratitude to God.

This has to be one of the most powerful exercises I’ve encountered.


What intrigued me the most about this experience, was that it wasn’t anything “special”.

There was no fire falling down, no miraculous healings, no prophets sharing a word,

just the Bible being read.

But with a very special intention…

To gather a big picture view of God’s story with mankind.



Reading Through the Greatest Story Ever

We tried this same exercise last year with some of the students we lead. My vision was to have a “Story” evening: where we could taste, hear and see God’s story with us. My goal was that each one of us would leave that evening with a renewed understanding of God’s story and his faithfulness.

So, interwoven between food, we read aloud through the Bible. Each one of us took turns reading through some verses I had picked out.

It was a lovely evening of friendship and the Bible, and the kids even joined us at the beginning. After dinner, we sent them off to bed, and continued to read the bulk of the verses while sharing in some tasty wine.

This is a great exercise for a small group, Bible study, discipleship group, or even a date night.

Simplify With Kids – Make it Your Own!

As of yet, we have not tried a full reading through with our little ones.

I think it’s possible though if you were to go through the verses and make it work for your family.


Missing the Big Picture

Do you like reading and dwelling on individual verses, and chapters of the Bible?

So do I.

In fact, this is how I dwell daily in the word.
Bit by bit.


Sometimes we’re so caught up focusing on the intricate details of each puzzle piece, that we forget to stand back and look at the puzzle in all it’s glory.

That’s what reading through these verses is like.

If you read these highlights aloud (even better with friends) it will renew your understand and vision of The Greatest Story Ever – The Bible.


Life Changing, Faith Boosting, Bible Reading

After my first experience reading through these verses in the classroom, I felt almost a bit silly.

Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

It was so simple, but so powerful.

I’m very grateful for Dr. Anita Koeshall who introduced this “Grand Picture” thinking and reading and has taught me so much personally.




Please try this out and tell me your experience!

I’d love to hear about how you use it with your family or small group, or discipleship group!


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