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Reading the Grand Story of the Bible in Under 2 Hours

An Evening of Reading through the Greatest story, ever. So there we were, a small classroom full of missionaries, overcome by an utter sense of awe. My eyes were tearing up, and all I could do was pray in my very feeble words my overwhelming gratitude to God. This has...

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Celebrating the Biblical Feasts | Remember

Have you ever been interested in the Biblical Feasts? Here is part one of a brief introduction to God's feasts and how God uses them. As a teenager, I did a week long internship at the Vancouver Opera. It was a fantastic experience, especially since at the time I was...

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Three Things to Know about Biblical Hospitality

Kingdom around the Table Part 2Three Things to Know about Biblical HospitalityThis week it is my great pleasure to hand over the proverbial reigns to my friend Amanda from Maple Alps who is going to give us a 101 on biblical hospitality. Last week we talked about Why...

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Why God Loves Food

Kingdom around the Table Part 1Why God Loves Food    I love food.   Everyone who comes to my house and sits at my table often gets a pretty darn good meal (not my own words). After their satisfaction, they tend to ask me if I like cooking.   My response is always the...

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How to Spend Money without Guilt

Have you ever arrived at the end of the month wondering where all of your money has gone? Surely, you didn't mean to overspend, but the money has literally vanished from your bank account. Where did it all go? Is it even possible to spend money without guilt?   Our...

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Decluttering our Minds | Tips from Mary Gallagher

Welcome to the second post of my Spotlight Series. Where we get to meet Jesus loving, inspiring, and creative people. Today I'm excited to introduce you to Mary from Gallagher Farm and Faith. She is going to share with us some really awesome tips including how to...

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The Work at Home Super Bundle

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.     Are you like me and want to stay home and be with your family as much as you can, but you want to...

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The Quick Relax List

Isn't it funny how at the end of the day, when we actually have TIME to do the things we want to do, we can't? I know that I am sometimes on the verge of mental mush. After a long day of making a million choices, cleaning up the umpteenth mess, and piling the dishes...

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Fun with my Son | Spending Intentional Time with our Kids

 This afternoon, I spent some time with my oldest chatting about fun. Since I think we all struggle a bit with how to have fun, or we don't actually know what relaxes us I thought I would talk to an expert in the area. Kids just know how to have fun better than us...

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Electronic Free Saturdays | How to Relax – Simply

Do you suffer from muddled head syndrome? Is your phone constantly blinking and vibrating? Feeling busy and overwhelmed? Do you leave the peanut butter in the fridge? Does the thought of turning off your phone for a full 24 hours cause you to squirm? An electronic...

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13 Things You Can to Do Instead of Netflix

  Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution, fully intending on keeping it, doing exactly what you didn't want to be doing a few weeks or months later? Yesterday, I had a great visit with some friends and we talked about all sorts of things. One thing we touch on was...

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10 Best Classic Books to Feed Your Brain

  “A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” ― Mark Twain One of my first memories of an "old" book was when I was a child at my great grandparents'. As I dug around their "old people stuff" and opened drawers, I came across a...

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The Secret to Better Decision Making

Suffering Decision Fatigue The Secret to Better Decision Making By: Dani    You wake up to your kids banging around. Shoot, you wanted to be up before them! You put a sweater on and run downstairs to start breakfast. The first thought is, "What to make?" While you're...

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Power Posing Away the Fear

  The joke has been said and the punch line delivered , and everyone is laughing except you. Have you ever felt out of place? I sure have. When I moved to Germany, I of course felt like an outsider. The Canadian who couldn't speak the language, understand the jokes,...

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Why I Gave up Netflix, and Why You Should Too

  When entertainment consumes Why I Gave up Netflix, and Why You Should Too   By: Dani   What if I told you that you were being robbed right now? No, there is (probably) no one down in your basement lurking around your camping equipment and Christmas decorations. Now...

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Thank God it’s Friday!

T G I F   The warm, luxurious smell of fresh bread is spreading through the house. The anticipation of it manifests, as our mouths start to water. This is no ordinary bread, and it's no ordinary day. It's Challah, a braided bread especially baked for the Shabbat.    ...

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Why You Don’t Deserve a Break

Especially you moms out there! You really don't deserve a break. It's not that you're not hardworking. I know you've had your hands full of poopy diapers, and kids screaming for a snack while they hang on your legs in the midst of your dinner prep. And you've probably...

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What Our Family is Giving up for Lent

    Today marks the beginning of a 40 day period of preparation for Easter. If you missed my previous post on the "Why?" of Lent check it out here:   Our family has chosen a few things that we will abstain from,...

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Take Back Your Life

  Have you ever had the creeping feeling that you weren't living life, but rather, it was living you?   Join me in the revolt against the urgent! Welcome to Life - Lived Intentionally.   This is a place where we can pilgrimage together, and in the midst, explore...

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