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Frl.Blanka (or Isa) and I met a couple months ago in beautiful Heidelberg. She is credited to introducing me to Instagram and has been encouraging me ever since! (Next you’re going to have to show me how to figure out Instagram stories).

This month we are also celebrating with her because she finished her medical studies and became a doctor! Congratulations Isa!

On top of that, she is an incredibly talented hand letterer/ modern calligrapher. Check out her Instagram to be inspired. She really stands out to me because she turned her hobby into a business (despite her imperfections – though I don’t see any!), and she also uses it as a way to be creative for God, and reach out to people.

The Spotlight on: Isa Blanka Rüschel from Frl.Blanka

Tell us a little bit about yourself-


where are you from? What are you passionate about? What are you reading right now?

I live in Darmstadt together with my husband Johannes.

The thing I’m most passionate about are people. They are my happy place. I need them to get the energy that fuels me. Maybe that’s the reason why I studied medicine?

Creative-wise I am passionate about most things that I can do with my hands and that show results after a short period of time – actually I’m always looking for new creative ideas, materials and techniques I can try.

The book I am reading right now is called “How’s your Soul?” by Judah Smith. He’s a super humorous guy working with a church in Seattle and he is really passionate about healthy souls in our society and how different the world would be if we would ask more often how our souls are for real. I highly recommend it!


You are a hand lettering queen! Your Instagram is beautiful and full of these gorgeous creations.


Frl.Blank Instagram interview




How did you get started on your amazing hand lettering?

Thanks for that compliment!

I got started about a year ago. Back then I started to use Instagram and got to know many artists who do hand lettering or modern calligraphy. I wanted to try it immediately, so I bought my first pens and watercolors and just started copying what I saw.

Step by step my own style developed. Though, I’m always curious and try to add new twists and elements to it.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Elm

Would you share with us some of your favourite supplies that you use?

Sure! If you want to start hand lettering I would recommend you to begin with a brush pen which you can use on different papers. I really like the Tombow fudenosuke with the hard tip for example.
For my watercolor letterings I use the liquid Watercolors by ECOLINE. They come in many many colors, but you can also mix your own colors from the basics.
  At the minute I am testing different watercolor papers, but if you’re just starting, you can try mix media papers and see what you like best.
Some brush pens also need very smooth paper to stay healthy, here you can use color copy paper For more specific information about the material, it’s best to get in touch via Instagram or Email (hallo@frlblanka.de). I’m happy to help!  

How does your business reflect the calling God has on your life, as you understand it?

Since my creative journey has began, I’ve been undergoing a process, in which, I now see how God sees me. That is, I am not limited to one profession
 or business or only one skill or talent with which I can use to encourage people and build his kingdom. I rather believe that he created us so colourful and at some points in time we decide to paint our life more in this or that certain color. It doesn’t mean that we can’t come back to an old colour or try completely new ones, even if the painting then looks totally different than how we imagined it before that courageous step. For me it is a difficult process to “work” in a field that I never learned professionally and to accept, that people still like what I do even if I see so many artists who do a lot better than me or have simply more experience. But it is so motivating to see that I can encourage someone with my work and add a glimpse of hope to a hopeless situation or give them a way to express their joy in special moments of their lives.  
Isa and I met at a finance seminar a couple months ago, and she was the one who inspired me to be more active on Instagram.

Could you tell us a bit how you use Instagram to impact, connect, and minister to people?

Since I started using Instagram I always saw a great potential in this medium. Through other creatives, whom I got to know there virtually and also in real life later, I learned to get inspired (and by that I mean the whole process of inspiration). I experienced the feeling of being overjoyed by a single photo or a simple writing.

It unleashed creative energy inside of me that I never knew I had.

If you compare Instagram to the city you live in, you have this great advantage that you can easily find people that love the things you love. They see the world like you do and inspire you exactly at the point where you are right now. On the other hand of course there are also the downsides of this virtual playground. The more you get, the more you want. They want you to compare yourself to others and make you dependent. I still find it challenging to find the perfect balance for me regarding social media. But without it, maybe I wouldn’t have found this new, creative part of my personality.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Elm

If you could say something to yourself five years ago, what would it be?

You’re doing great! Don’t doubt yourself so much and trust God in all the uncertainty that you will face in the next five years. He knows what he’s doing 🙂


Thank you Isa for your time and sharing your creativity with us!


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