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Free Printable Christmas Art That’s About Jesus

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My sister is a wonderful woman, and I’m so glad we have a great relationship now. She has graciously made us some free Christmas printable art that is instantly downloadable in my FREE Resource Library.

Ten years ago you wouldn’t be hearing about our great relationship. In fact, she was pretty nasty to me… and really angry. That is until she met Jesus. She has always been an example for me of how the Holy Spirit can utterly change a person. Today, I’m happy to say that we are very close and have multiple times over the years actually lived together. While she was both single, and married with a family.

Community living takes relationships to whole new (and awesome) levels.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince her soon to share some of her story with us. But until then, these art prints come from her heart and home and I hope you enjoy them!

Here are some other FREE Christmas printable examples of what else is included in the resource library:

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Thank you again to my amazing sister who has helped create such beauty.

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