Rhythms of Faith

Why is Advent Important?

What is Advent and why is it important? Before we dive in, I want you to imagine yourself as the president (or prime minister or head of state) of your country. Ready? What do Presidents and Advent have to do with one another?Imagine you, Mrs. President, are visiting...

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Advent Devotional for the Scatterbrained Mom

Simple Advent Devotions for the Scatterbrained Mom Exclusively for scatterbrained Mamas Simple daily devotionsDesigned to prepare the busy heart of the mom for the coming of the King.Set aside time daily to rest and be in the presence of GodCelebrate Christmas with...

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Reading the Grand Story of the Bible in Under 2 Hours

An Evening of Reading through the Greatest story, ever. So there we were, a small classroom full of missionaries, overcome by an utter sense of awe. My eyes were tearing up, and all I could do was pray in my very feeble words my overwhelming gratitude to God. This has...

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Celebrating the Biblical Feasts | Remember

Have you ever been interested in the Biblical Feasts? Here is part one of a brief introduction to God's feasts and how God uses them. As a teenager, I did a week long internship at the Vancouver Opera. It was a fantastic experience, especially since at the time I was...

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Electronic Free Saturdays | How to Relax – Simply

Do you suffer from muddled head syndrome? Is your phone constantly blinking and vibrating? Feeling busy and overwhelmed? Do you leave the peanut butter in the fridge? Does the thought of turning off your phone for a full 24 hours cause you to squirm? An electronic...

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Thank God it’s Friday!

T G I F - Time to Shabbat The warm, luxurious smell of fresh bread is spreading through the house. The anticipation of it manifests, as our mouths start to water. This is no ordinary bread, and it's no ordinary day. It's Challah, a braided bread especially baked for...

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Why You Don’t Deserve a Break

Especially you moms out there! You really don't deserve a break. It's not that you're not hardworking. I know you've had your hands full of poopy diapers, and kids screaming for a snack while they hang on your legs in the midst of your dinner prep. And you've probably...

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the day we killed god

  Good Friday - Easter Sunday - Easter Monday Growing up, those days all got mashed up together . I don't think I even consciously realized what day was actually "Easter". It's only been in the last decade that I realized that "Good Friday" wasn't actually good....

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Fasting – Choosing Weakness out of Love (Part 3)

Fasting - Choosing Weakness out of Love - Part 3 A Conversation with Rainer Harter from the Gebetshaus Freiburg Missed Part 2? Click here   [mks_separator style="dotted" height="2"] In the last part of this series we examine: Fasting and eating disorders A lifestyle...

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I’m Dani.

Canadian born, living in Germany, with my very German husband and four rambunctious kiddos.

When I’m not chasing after my 1 1/2 year old so he doesn’t run onto the road,
I’m running a loud homeschool, doing mundane but glorious household tasks, drinking coffee, reading, learning on Udemy and sleeping.

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