Do you suffer from muddled head syndrome? Is your phone constantly blinking and vibrating? Feeling busy and overwhelmed? Do you leave the peanut butter in the fridge? Does the thought of turning off your phone for a full 24 hours cause you to squirm?

An electronic fast could be your remedy.

Two things are going to happen when you start electronic free Saturdays (or Sundays or Wednesdays..).

1. This is going to change your life!


2. It’s going to be tough… at first… then you’re going to LOVE IT!



Celebrating the End of the Week


I wrote previously about how our family celebrates the end of the week with the Shabbat. This year we included the turning off of all our electronics on Saturday.

The Result?


We laze around the house, play games, go for little walks, eat, and sleep. The dishes pile up on the counters (since we do no work on that day), and we aren’t constantly checking our phones for the weather forecast, or random Instagram peeks.

There are no blinking notification lights that distract us from reading books to our children, or vibrations that interrupt our own personal reading.

Instead of resorting to watching videos, we play games together – like charades, or board games.

Instead of listening to our favourite songs and musicians, we make our own music and songs. This was quite surprising to me. I didn’t realize how much of our own “homemade” music I’ve inhibited with my constant drone of Spotify.

On Saturdays, my kids and husband are singing way more of their own songs… because we create space for their music to happen.   Electronic fast

Quiet is Scary

It’s unsettling at first, as we turn off all of our attention grabbers, and background noises . Our thoughts finally have time to surface, and our spirits start to settle. Because we live in a society that is constantly entertaining us, and vetting for our attention, to be alone with our own person is a bit awkward at first.

The good thing is that it starts feeling normal, and then feeling awesome!

I look forward to Saturdays, because I know it’s ALL going to be off.

I don’t look at the clock, I don’t check the weather, and sometimes I even have to get creative and make up my own recipes (because Pinterest is also off! Ahh!)

We create an atmosphere for PEACE and it’s presence gives our Saturdays such a deep, and longed for satisfaction.


Looking for a Super Simple Way for  More Peace?

Electronic Free Saturdays is your SUPER SIMPLE solution for more peace in your life (albeit, challenging). It’s the first step towards quieting down your thoughts, and enjoying the moment.

It frees you to enjoy those around you – completely: with all of your attentions and affections.


Turn off the dang phone, the computer, the TV, and the music for 24 hours. And enjoy the quiet.   (Unless you have children… then it will just be slightly more quiet.)

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