Reusable Eco-Friendly Swim Diapers

Reusable Eco-Friendly Swim Diapers

I have a secret that I want to share with you. This was an absolute diaper game changer for me. And I feel a little stupid for not realizing it before.

There is something that shocked me last year. It’s actually silly how shocking it was to me, because if you really stop to think about it, it makes sense.


At the Pool


Last year I was at an outdoor pool with my nine month old who was splashing around in the baby area when I noticed another mama and her baby. The baby had a cute swimming diaper on, and I casually commented on it.


She dropped this bomb on me.


“Well, it’s really only a cloth diaper cover.”
Taken aback, I guess I looked puzzled.
“The store-bought swimming diapers don’t actually retain the urine, they’re just there to catch the ‘big stuff.”


 I pondered for a moment, slightly grossed out, but after thinking about it I gathered it must be true.


“What a great idea!” I said. Remembering all of the cloth diapers I had from my last two babies.

For me, it’s important to be mindful of the waste we produce, and I’m always looking for new and better solutions for our large family to reduce waste impact. With this in mind, I had tried very briefly to cloth diaper baby #4, and then packed the cloth diapers away. But alas, The laundry was already overwhelming without the diapers. I gave up.


Cloth Diaper = Swim Diaper


I was super thankful to this woman for pointing out something I had never thought of. The swim diapers we buy at the store actually don’t retain any of the urine. With that in mind, I was excited to bring out my cute cloth diaper covers and give it a try for myself.


Reusable Swim Diapers Eco Friendly




No more throwing all those swimming diapers in the garbage!


When we go swimming now, I just pack up three of them (just in case), and off we go. They’re cute, and they do exactly their job.

This season we have a little pool on our patio, and these diapers are totally practical to take on and off at will. I’m really excited not to be “wasting” diapers on his sometimes short bouts of water play.



You can find these diapers super easy on Amazon, and they come in a variety of different patterns.

What I love about these is that the diaper grows with your baby. So if you have babies with big chubby tummies (like mine), you don’t have to go out and a buy another size.


I hope you find this simple little tip as helpful as I did.
It’s one small way that our family can reduce waste. And it’s super easy!



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