Take Back Your Life

Take Back Your Life


Have you ever had the creeping feeling that you weren’t living life, but rather, it was living you?


Join me in the revolt against the urgent!

Welcome to Life – Lived Intentionally.


This is a place where we can pilgrimage together, and in the midst, explore creative ways on how we can live slower, enjoy more, and experience life abundantly.
Because we really only have this ONE life, and how we live it today counts for eternity.



LIFE doesn’t mean Just Living…


Living life intentionally by no means comes naturally to me. Generally, I’m a pretty impulsive person, my hair bristles at the thought of routine and schedule, and even to commit to something(even for a day!) is painful. My thoughts are always blaring, “What if a better option comes about?”


Panic sets in.


Yet, if we just allow life to flow, it ends up leading us. The “urgent” floods away the things that we actually want to do. And soon we’re left dazed and confused as to whose life we’re actually living?


Is it the life my parents thought I should live?
Or the life society told me about?
Maybe it’s the life my friends or co-workers live, that I unconsciously mimic.
Could there be a different way?


 Starting with the End in Mind


If you’re anything like me, we have a nature that craves freedom, joy, and satisfaction. These aren’t wrong things! Though, sometimes we come about it wrong. For instance, is binge watching Netflix really satisfying, do I get joy out it?
If not, why is it filling up so much of my time? When I look back on my life in 50 years, am I going to be proud of all those shows I watched?
Here is another scary thought, when I stand before Jesus and look into his eyes, what am I going show him I did with all the time, gifts, and talents he’s given me?


Embracing Healthy Life Structures


These questions started me to progress towards making changes in my life. Changes, such as slowly, but surely embracing boundaries (such as routine) in order to experience life to the fullest,  the life God has truly designed for me.


The Thief Comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy


The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10


Today, this verse resounds very personally for me, as the battle for our lives, and the lives of those around us rages fierce and strong. The struggle is real, our time is stolen, our joy is destroyed, or delight is desecrated, our life is robbed from our very fingers… and often it is taken little, by little.



Perhaps you are just like me, and have looked at your calendar and have felt on the verge of tears?


Maybe you are lonely and are longing for deep, impacting friendships, but life just seems so busy. Everyone seems so busy.


Or maybe your brain feels numb to everything going on because it’s all TOO MUCH.


Slow Living


Let’s slow down, maybe pause for a moment to assess our lives, our desires, and listen to the depth of our heart.


Maybe you’re wondering where God is, if he is even there?
Perhaps he’s just waiting for you to




and Wait

and take Delight.



So What Now?  – The Take Back Your LIfe Worksheet


Here are 3 practical tips to get your started getting your life back in order:


1. Turn off your electronics for at least a day and take a “Shabbat”

  • this will help you focus, and clear your mind.

2. Set aside a morning, afternoon, evening or a whole day if you can and get started thinking about your life by using this worksheet that I made just for you!

3. Start making some simple goals for yourself. Start with TODAY.


Then head on over to the Facebook page and tell us which tip helped you the best.






I’m Dani.

Canadian born, living in Germany, with my very German husband and four rambunctious kiddos.

When I’m not chasing after my 1 1/2 year old so he doesn’t run onto the road,
I’m running a loud homeschool, doing mundane but glorious household tasks, drinking coffee, reading, learning on Udemy and sleeping.

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